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SOLD OUT - Naturally 7

Sunday 12th October 2014 - Monday 13th October 2014
Dates: Sunday 12th October - Monday 13th October Ticket Prices: £45.00 - £60.00
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Sunday 12th October 2014
- Monday 13th October 2014

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First House

Ticket Prices:

£45.00 - £60.00


Naturally 7

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Naturally 7

Booking now closed, a few tickets still left on the door.

“Their ability to replicate an instrument's particular timbral quality occasionally required you to pick your chin up off the floor.” The Artsdesk

 “This is one of the must-see performances of all time” Brian Eno

 “Dazzling” The Guardian

 “Jaw-droppingly impressive” The Independent


ROGER THOMAS musical director, arranger, first baritone, rap; WARREN THOMAS percussion, guitar, clarinet, third tenor ; ROD ELDRIDGE first tenor, scratching, trumpet; NAPOLEON “POLO” CUMMINGS fourth tenor, guitar; DWIGHT STEWART second baritone, vocals, trumpet; GARFIELD BUCKLEY second tenor, harmonica; ARMAND “HOPS” HUTTON bass

The origins of the group date back to New York in 1999 when Roger Thomas started the group with his brother, Warren, and five other talented singers they had come to know over the years from singing around the city. Having been in and out of several traditional male groups over the years, Roger developed an affinity for a cappella sounds and a unique ability to create distinct harmony arrangements. When invited to sing at a major a cappella competition in New York, they won the competition, moved onto the nationals and took away two more wins.

Riding the wave of this newfound success and still unable to decide if Naturally 7 were going to be an a cappella group or a traditional band, Roger had a novel idea: they could be both. He remembered as a child, his brother Warren always wanted a drum set but their mother always told him no because it was just too noisy. So Warren learned to make true drum sounds, with different ways of making the kick, toms, snare, cymbals, and other drum sounds, to compensate for not having real drums to play. Roger approached Warren with the idea from their childhood, and asked if he could become the band’s drummer, so to speak, to accompany Naturally 7 on up-tempo songs.

The idea evolved, and the other band members found unique aspects of their own voices to determine which members would BE which instrument. After all, Roger thought, if the human voice truly was an instrument, it should not matter which instrument it needed to be. And for Naturally 7, it really didn’t matter; “VOCAL PLAY” was born. What is the difference between Vocal Play and a cappella? A cappella is defined as singing without instruments. Vocal Play is singing AS instruments, and BECOMING an instrument with the voice.

What makes Naturally 7 special is that every instrument sound that they sing is created from the human voice. There are no actual drums, guitars, horns, flutes, or any other instrument that is heard when listening to them perform; it’s the band members playing each of their vocal instruments.

The group has recorded a number of CDs over the years from 2000’s “Non Fiction” to  the aptly titled “What Is It” (2003), “Christmas… It’s A Love Story” (2004), “Ready II Fly” (2006) and the critically-acclaimed “VocalPlay” in 2010.

“Ready II Fly” contains the YouTube-hit “Feel It (In the Air Tonight”). Naturally 7’s now famous Paris subway performance of the song, has received over five and a half million hits on YouTube alone. The song turned into a Top 3-chart- success in France, Belgium and South Africa and made the single charts in other European countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal.

February of 2010 saw Naturally 7 spend three weeks in Vancouver as performance guests during the Olympic Winter Games and in March they returned as special guests on Bublé’s ‘Crazy Love’-Tour around the World.

“Openers Naturally 7, a seven–piece vocal group from New York, who at one point joined Buble during his set, delivered a jaw-dropping vocal symposium. To call them an a cappella group would be a gross understatement, for they performed songs with trumpets, electric guitars, bass cello, harmonica, a full drum kit, and more – using only their voices. It was like a striking optical illusion, only aural.” Boston Globe

“Rarely does an opener melt the crowd like Naturally 7 did. By the time their half hour set ended, all too soon, many jumped to their feet to give the stellar musicians a standing ovation.”


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Dates: Sunday 12th October - Monday 13th October Ticket Prices: £45.00 - £60.00
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