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Ronnie Scott's Charitable Foundation

Help inspire and support the next generation of jazz talent.

The Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the support of jazz and music education in the U.K and beyond. Launched in December 2015, the charity’s aim is to ensure that music education is accessible to every child and young person. By raising and distributing funds, gifting musical instruments, and working with other organisations to create and develop youth music education programmes, the charity has benefitted thousands of school children in cities across the country, and around the world.

Funding Rounds.

Organisations can apply for and secure funding from the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation and we welcome applications under our ongoing grants scheme. Customarily, sums between £250 and £10,000 have been offered to successful applicants, those being organisations who further music education for young people, by way of music programmes, workshops or other events.

To apply, you must be an organisation providing music and/or jazz educational programmes to youth in the UK. Specifically, we would like to hear from you if you are working with children who are living in challenging financial and/or social environments.

Previous grant recipients have included:

 Blues and Roots Ensemble has led education workshops in all contexts, from mainstream primary and secondary schools, Special Educational Needs Schools and Pupil Referral Units to large outreach projects with Cambridge Jazz Festival and EFG London Jazz Festival.
Oi Musica’s work includes youth music, education, live performance, artistic collaborations, practitioner training and community-based music making through their youth project Brass Blast, which is based in the socio-economically deprived neighbourhoods of Bingham, Magdalene and Christians in East Edinburgh.
Wiltshire Music Centre - host professional concert performances across many genres including classical, folk and jazz, as well as delivering an extensive participation and Creative Learning programme for audiences of all ages and abilities. With the Wiltshire Jazz Academy, they offer expert tuition, performance experience opportunities and all-round support for young local jazz musicians aged 11-21 wishing to explore the world of jazz music.

“Our jazz programme had a fantastic year in 2023, and we continue to develop with an exciting year ahead. We have been so grateful for our support from Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Trust” - Cassie Tait -  Head of Creative Learning & Community Engagement - WMC

For more information or to request an application form, via email: [email protected]

Workshops at Ronnie’s

We organize a number of workshops with young people aimed at promoting and fostering live jazz performance and music education in general. All of our workshops are free to attend, and specifically aimed at helping and inspiring those young adults who do not have access to music education.
We invite local or in-residency artists to work with young people here at Ronnie’s, sharing their skills and expertise to children with prior music tutoring and those with no musical experience.

Current workshops include:

Big Band In A Day – led by veteran Big Band leader Pete Long and saxophonist Rachael Cohen. Developing young musicians are invited to join us  at the club where we provide a core grounding in the skills, disciplines and sounds of the jazz orchestra.
Young Cat’s Jazz Workshop– similar to our Jazz Orchestra, but for our youngest, budding musicians. Young Cat’s is open to 8 to 12 year olds.
DJ Sessions – experienced DJ Terry Ryan from On the Rise Music comes equipped with decks and provides hands-on tuition in the latest DJ software and the fine art of mixing.
Music Production Skills – Daniel from Hit Engine develops young people’s understanding and experience of production software, creating a track from scratch as a collective over the course of a session.
Choir in a Day – led by a team of talented Ronnie’s vocalists, young people are taught a song and conducted to perform as a choir at the end of a session.
Workshops run as school trips and weekend day sessions. 

If you are interested in attending future workshops at Ronnie’s, email [email protected] for information on upcoming sessions.

“It has certainly been a fun few months coming up to Ronnie’s and Lara has loved the whole experience, having access to talented industry professionals and working alongside other enthusiastic kids who love jazz. Her three sessions so far with Pete and Rachael have inspired her to really get to grips with her scales as she can now see the full value. Practice has commenced!” - Julia – Parent

“Young Cats Jazz Workshop is open for any 8-12 year old music student who has a Grade 3 level of musical understanding. They don’t have to have any experience in playing jazz, we very much welcome first timers, but if they are already familiar with jazz then that’s fantastic! It’s a brilliant social experience for young, talented musicians to meet with others their age who are as equally enthusiastic about music and their instruments!” - Nicol River – Tutor

“We take people who have very basic skills and train them. Most people who go to a county youth big band or a town big band, or similar, will be expected to be able to be able to read music and take jazz solos. At Ronnie's, we can take those same skills at a much earlier level and help you nurture it.” - Peter Long - Veteran Big Band Leader

Big Band in A Day.

Open to any student of music anywhere in the UK, Big Band in A Day is a free-to-attend, outreach scheme organised by the Charitable Foundation. We invite developing young musicians to join us at the club where we provide a core grounding in the skills, disciplines and sounds of the big band. To promote inclusivity, we also produce all-female “Big Band in a Day” sessions to encourage young female players to play more jazz and help increase their level of confidence. 

The Foundation regularly invites local or in-residency jazz artists to work with schools in London. For example, the legendary drummer Billy Cobham took part in a workshop involving Soho Parish School. Led by jazz pianist and educator, Pete Letanka, children were given the opportunity to perform and compose in the style of internationally renowned drummer Billy Cobham. Billy himself practised with the children and then joined them in a performance at Ronnie’s, which was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Musical Instrument Amnesty.

The Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation organise a bi-annual Musical Instrument Amnesty, collecting the city’s unused musical instruments - from violas to saxophones and state-of-the-art mixing desks – which are then donated to school-aged children in the UK and overseas, enabling musical education amongst communities across the world. Over the years, the Ronnie Scott’s Musical Instrument Amnesty has welcomed several high-profile donors. The Grammy and Brit Award-winning Sam Smith donated a white violin from his iconic 2015 Brit performance of ‘Lay Me Down’ – the violin travelled from London to the Harrogate Brigantes Rotary Club along with other donations which were then shipped to the MusicArt Society, a charity in Nepal which teaches disadvantaged children to play donated instruments. British multi-instrumentalist Nithin Sawhney donated a guitar, Neil Cowley a violin, and two specially commissioned trumpets have been made courtesy of two-time Edison Award-winner and American trumpeter Christian Scott.

Organisations working with children can apply for and secure funding from the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation.
How can you help? By:

- Donating, when you buy a ticket to the club, via Just Giving ( or via the club website
- Donating unused or unwanted musical instruments at one of our bi-annual Musical Instrument Amnesty days
- Buying a ‘Champagne Socialist’ cocktail next time you visit the club. Because all proceeds go to the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation!

Find out more contact – [email protected]

Charity number: 1163990  Trustees: Sally Greene, Fred Nash, Sarah Coyne