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Alfredo Rodriguez Trio

The album Coral Way embodies the collective sound of Miami, blending Latin pop, timba, salsa, bachata, tango, reggaeton, and bolero. It’s a musical fusion that encompasses the diverse Latin community while celebrating individuality and fostering unity. The album calls upon Rodríguez’s roots just as much as his newly-learned experiences, representing a new phase of life marked by his latest move from Los Angeles to Miami following his departure from Cuba.

Inspiration had led him to represent Cuba at the Montreux Jazz Festival, where he impressed Quincy Jones. However, pursuing this opportunity meant leaving his family behind and embarking on a journey that would require relinquishing his Cuban citizenship. Landing in Laredo, Texas, Rodríguez faced arrest and detention. In a moment of improvisation, reminiscent of his piano playing, Rodríguez shared his story with a detainment officer, explaining his meeting with Quincy Jones and the promise of a better life in pursuit of his music. Moved by his words, the officer released him, enabling him to reach the U.S. border.

As Rodríguez embarks on an international tour to share his music and message, he continues to demonstrate resilience and the power of cross-cultural connection.

Coral Way, his sixth solo studio album is another fine showcase for his inventiveness, his fast- fingered bursts of improv and considered, subtle tone modulations.

— Jane Cornwell, Jazzwise