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Audrey Powne

2nd October 2024, 8.30pm

Having honed her craft in the vibrant Melbourne music scene Audrey can now be found performing globally.

Ticket prices

£20 – £35


AUDREY POWNE – vocals, trumpet, piano
FINN REES – keys

Described as "the very brilliant Audrey Powne," by legendary BBC Radio 6 presenter and tastemaker Gilles Peterson, Audrey is known equally for her technical skills as a trumpeter and vocalist and her creative inventiveness for being unafraid of pushing the boundaries while simultaneously keeping musical traditions alive.

Audrey released her debut album “From the Fire” in April 2024 on the legendary UK jazz and soul label BBE (Barely Breaking Even) to critical acclaim. The self produced and composed record has been praised for its cinematic string arrangements, virtuosic trumpet solos, lyrical melodies and intelligent lyricism.

As well as her solo work, Audrey's prominence and virtuosity as a trumpeter has seen her perform with acts as diverse as Maceo Parker, Midnight Oil, Jimmy Barnes, Jose Gonzalez, Masta Ace and she is the resident trumpeter, regularly touring the world with the Grammy nominated band The Teskey Brothers.

Solo trumpet is an instrument that doesn’t get as much play in soul music as it should; Audrey Powne proves how effective it can be when placed in the right hands.