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Austrian Syndicate

The Austrian Syndicate, led by keyboard virtuoso David Helbock, presents a powerful fusion jazz adventure that celebrates the diversity of music.

Helbock, on electronic keyboard instruments, leads a dynamic group including Peter Madsen, an icon of jazz piano, as well as Raphael Preuschl on bass and bass ukulele, drummer Herbert Pirker and percussionist Claudio Spieler. This quintet boldly combines a wide variety of styles - from Latin and funk rhythms to arabesques and prog-rock elements. It reflects the musical roots of Joe Zawinul and expands them into a contemporary, world music vision. From rousing acid jazz to lyrical moments, this work offers an impressive journey through musical landscapes, creating captivating soundscapes and delivering boundless fusion jazz with an irresistible groove. 

Rare 5-Star ***** review for his last album 'Playground’

— Downbeat (US)