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Beady Belle

Beady Belle's music is melodically gripping, harmonically intricate, lyrically intelligent, and underpinned by solid grooves and the voice of Beady Belle herself.

Beady Belle's live performances are energetic and hypnotic - and still at the same time near and tender - and always with the groove as a solid base to it all, and with an open room for real soul improvisation.

Beady Belle released her 10th album "Nothing But The Truth" May 2022. This album marks her 20 years anniversary as the artist Beady Belle.  She celebrates the 20 years anniversary by composing, producing, arranging, and programming the whole album by herself.

Beady Belle's genre is a mixture of music she loves. Soul and R&B have always been close to her heart, and at the same time she has always flirted with electronic music. With "Nothing But The Truth" she is fully immersed in these twin worlds. The live performances with Beady Belle and her amazing band simply lifts the music to the next level.

Grooves and quieter moments and filled with the vocal range of a funk ridden angel.

— Penny Black Music