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Catherine Russell

30th September 2024, 5.30pm

Send For Me features newly recorded tunes on her eighth album as a leader, meeting a simple exacting standard. “Songs that inspire or touch me in some way. When I find a song I like, it haunts me until I learn it.” Her mission is finding songs that you might not have heard but deserve attention.

Ticket prices

£35 – £50


ROY DUNLAP – piano
TAL RONEN – bass

Catherine Russell comes from a musically influential New York family, boasting a rich heritage with her father, Luis Russell, serving as Louis Armstrong's musical director, and her mother, Carline Ray, a pioneering vocalist and instrumentalist. Catherine's impressive career features collaborations with music icons like David Bowie, Paul Simon, and Rosanne Cash, contributing to over 200 albums. 

Her debut album, 'Cat,' launched in 2006, was followed by seven chart-topping, critically acclaimed albums. Her seventh album, 'Alone Together,' topped the Jazz Week 2019 Year End Chart and earned a Grammy nomination, followed by, 'Send For Me' in 2022, and 'My Ideal' in 2024.

She contributed to the Grammy-winning 'Boardwalk Empire' soundtrack. Her 2016 album 'Harlem On My Mind' received a Grammy nomination, and she's been spotlighted on PBS-TV and NPR's Fresh Air. 

A legend hiding in plain sight. With an astonishingly rich, multifaceted voice, that can swing, lilt, belt, and sweetly croon with equal ease.

— Joan K Smith, Huffington Post