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Cedric Burnside

26th October 2024

Following his Grammy award winning album, I Be Trying, Cedric Burnside is back with music that is upfront and direct. It's a journey from being on the road since he was 13 years old, drumming for his grandfather to where he is now.  

Ticket prices

£35 – £55



His style is traditional blues, taught to him by RL Burnside and he presents his music to show how he does it in Mississippi, the house party tradition, the juke joints, the journey from then to where he is now, a culmination of a career of astonishing accomplishments. The music has elements of rock, R&B, hip-hop elements, a range of sounds and emotions. From the Hill Country style to West African music to songs that strives for spiritual redemption. Burnside plays music that is true to his roots.

He is the recipient of a National Heritage Fellowship, the country's highest honour in folks and traditional arts.