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Motta takes us on a journey, crossing musical borders and invites you to enjoy the groovy soulful songs. Musically he incorporates elements of funk, soul, jazz and Broadway sounds that feature his velvety smooth vocals.

Behind The Tea Chronicles showcases his unique ability to craft unforgettable melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. On this record, Motta was inspired by TV series and movies. He says: "I wanted to create something truly unique. Movies and old TV series have always had a profound impact on my imagination and musicality. I wanted to pay homage to those influences and use them as connecting points that is not only musically engaging but also takes listeners on a nostalgic and cinematic journey. It is an ode to freedom and a commitment to the art.'Colombo’, ‘Barnaby Jones’ and ‘Streets of San Fransico’ are my favourite series but I also drew my inspirations from old movies: especially George Cukor’s film ‘Gaslight’ and movies from Jacques Tati, Jean-Pierre Melville and Basil Dearden."

Selling over 300.000 copies in Brazil with his 1997 release “Manual Prático para Festas, Bailes e Afins” Ed Motta, at that point, manifested his position as a “Popstar” in his home country and went Platinum.