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Empirical featuring special guests Ivo Neame and Dave Preston

It's rare to find real groups like Empirical in contemporary jazz, where musicians often unite for single projects and disperse once completed. Groups that persist for fifteen years, continuously seeking novelty and freshness, are virtually unheard of. 

Starting their journey in 2007, Empirical now triumphantly returns, reclaiming their rightful position at the heart of the UK scene 

Sharing the Empirical’s improvisational ethos, Ivo Neame and Dave Preston are long-time musical collaborators on the London and UK scene and will bring an exciting new sound to Empirical’s music.

Join the multi award-winning UK jazz ensemble Empirical for an exciting one-off show with special guests Ivo Neame (piano) and Dave Preston (guitar). The evening will feature a full-length performance of ‘Like Lambs,’ Shaney Forbes’ suite reimagined for quintet format demonstrating Empirical’s masterful ability to inhabit contrasting emotional states in their playing with risk-taking original music and virtuoso performance.

Empirical, around for an astonishing 15 years already, are one of the great British contributions to European jazz.

— Downbeat