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Espen Berg Trio

Espen Berg Trio is an award-winning piano trio from Norway. Outselling concert halls the trio is referred to as 'an important new voice in the crowded field of post-E.S.T. trios‘ by Jazz Journal (UK) in 2019 has already made a mark outside their home country.

Their music might bring associations to Brad Mehldau, Keith Jarrett, Shai Maestro or Tigran Hamasyan, but above all it's a personal addition to the legacy of the piano trio and to the evolution of the Nordic jazz scene, featuring a compelling combination of strong melodies and complex rhythmics, immense technical abilities and a highly engaging interplay.

In 2019, Espen Berg Trio made a solid impression on the jazz industry gathered at jazzahead! in Bremen, which led to new tours in the Netherlands and India. Their third album, Free to Play, was listed in Downbeat as one of the best releases of that same year, also earning great reviews in BBC (4/5), UK Vibe (5/5), Jazz Journal (4/5).  Released in May 2022, Fjære, with guest artists Mathias Eick, Hanna Paulsberg and Silje Nergaard, has expanded their audience over the world with listings on radio stations and notable Spotify playlists.

Big in Japan but yet to really dominate Europe, EBT are one of the better piano-led trios to pick up that heavy baton relinquished by the late Esbjörn Svensson.

— Jazz Journal