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Jahari Stampley Family Trio

7th November 2024, 5.30pm

Winner of the 2023 Herbie Hancock International Jazz Institute Piano Competition, Jahari Stampley discovered his love for the piano at the age of 14, quickly honing his skills and earning recognition through competitions.

Ticket prices

£25 – £40


D'ERANIA STAMPLEY – bass, sax, synth

Jahari has toured with Stanley Clarke and is featured on Derrick Hodge's "Color of Noise" album, with performances at esteemed venues like Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall. Before winning the competition, he released Still Listening which rose to #1 on Apple iTunes in the first weeks of the album’s release. Still Listening blends Stampley’s broad influences – from the church to electronica to the avant garde.

‘Before crossing the quarter-century mark – when many musicians are walking across the stage with the ink still drying from the degrees and simply desiring to fit into an agreed upon narrative artistically – Stampley defies the jazz norms and musical expectations placed on his generation. He plays from the heart, and you can feel the intrinsic depth in the delivery of notes from everyone on the album.’ ULYSSES OWENS JR.

Jazz’s Hancock Competition Returns, Crowning an Electrifying Rising Star!

— The New York Times