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Jay Phelps - The Now!

14th June 2024, 8.30pm

Jay Phelps, a recognized figure in the London jazz world for over 15 years, has recently released his latest piece, 'The Now,' through Platoon, a part of Apple Music.

Ticket prices

£30 – £45


JAY PHELPS – trumpet
TOM FORD – guitar
PARTHENOPE – sax, flute, vocals
SIMON JNR – vocals

This unique piece takes the listener on an exciting journey through various music scenes. It begins in the celebrated underground Jazz culture of London, transitions into the innovative Future Beats of Los Angeles, and concludes in Detroit's dynamic House music scene.

Originally hailing from Canada, Phelps has teamed up with some of the UK's rising stars for this project. This group includes Tom Ford on guitar, Parthenope on sax, flute, and vocals, vocalist Simon Jnr , Menelik Claffey on bass and Ruckus on drums.

Beyond creating music, Phelps also manages 'SoulEndvr,' a music agency with a strong commitment to diversity. He even curates a documentary series on YouTube called 'Ear to the Ground,' further demonstrating his passion for the music industry.