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John Surman

10th June 2024, 6pm

Composer and multi-instrumentalist John Surman is a key figure in a generation of European jazz musicians who crucially expanded the international horizons of jazz during the last decades of the 20th century.

Ticket prices

£35 – £50


JOHN SURMAN – bass clarinet, saxophones
ROB LUFT – guitar
ROB WARING – vibraphone

In his long career, John Surman has won many accolades, including the prestigious Ivor Novello Jazz Award, which recognised his prowess on the baritone saxophone and his body of original works —that have extended far beyond the perceived boundaries of the jazz repertoire and are fired by the contrasts of exquisite lyricism, richly textured sound, and intense, full-bodied improvisation.

Surman’s music transcends familiar boundaries. Although a deep love of the jazz tradition runs throughout his work, he is equally affected by the melodic qualities of choral music and by English folk music. Much of his work is powerfully resonant of the landscape and tradition of southwest England.

‘If I look back to what turned me on about music, it is what I heard before I ever came across jazz.’

CD Words Unspoken is out on ECM on 16 February

One of the foremost innovators when it comes to defining the saxophone's place in modern music.

— Chris Jones BBC