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Kevin Haynes' Grupo Elegua

The music of alto-saxophonist and percussionist, Kevin Haynes, is a fusion of contemporary jazz, with influences drawing from Afro Cuban and native Nigerian Yoruba folkloric bata drumming styles, alongside Mandiga folk and praise songs with a hard bop modal concept and flowing kora lines, creating a unique sound in African jazz based music.  Kevin has two albums out under Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua: Tomorrow's Path and Ori Ire. He has been performing all forms jazz and African Caribbean music for 20 years.

Haynes brings together strands of different musical traditions from Africa and the New World. His extraordinary musicianship has seen Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua perform all around the globe.

The performance will present music from the new EP Egbe Alaragbo. This is the fourth recording EP by Kevin Haynes Grupo Elegua highlighting the musical map of its main theme - a collective association detailing the beginning foundation of a spiritual group of special children on a divined miss Egbe Alragragbo. Permaculture reality is about the need to care for the mother earth and repair the ecosystem and sustainable living lifestyles.