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Keyon Harrold 'Foreverland'

Keyon has been described as being a once-in-a-generation type talent on trumpet. His approach and sound are personal as well as engaging; a sort of magical haze often referred to as modern-day Miles Davis.

Performing music from his latest release, ‘Foreverland’ finds Harrold reflective, immediate and uplifting.  Keyon harnesses the raw expression and creates a dreamy yet tactile landscape of sound.  It provides the perfect canvas for his playing, his tone projecting a creamy clarity but navigating ambiguous waters with an open-hearted hopefulness. “What I can offer as a musician who plays an instrument with no words is an honest conveyance of emotion,” says Keyon. “Some of these notes, I play them because there’s not a better word.”

Keyon Harrold is the future of the trumpet.

— Downbeat Magazine