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Late Late Electronic hosted by Qwalia

The band is assembled from musicians who play with David Byrne, Joy Crookes, Nubiyan Twist, Frank Ocean, Jordan Rakei, Sampha, Cat Stevens and more. Qwalia’s music is an instinctive aural expression of how things seemed in the moment of creation.

The band members are Pakistani, Italian, Venezuelan, Jewish and English. A reflection of the fact that cultural categories are infinite; Qwalia’s music unconsciously explores identity, exposing what this can mean. At times contemplative and spacious, and at other times dense and demanding body movement; herein ‘Sound And Reason’ lies a wide range of musical aesthetics culminating psychedelic jazz, funk, folk, ambient and avant-pop into an engrossing, experimental sound.

Jazz music, a genre known for its fluidity and resistance to strict definition, continues to grow and change. It beautifully melds with different music styles like hip-hop, soul, rock and even electronic music, thereby adding a unique depth and distinction to its sound. This fusion has opened up a world of possibilities for music experimenters and producers who are eager to broaden their understanding of the jazz language. They're not just bringing this innovation into the studio, but also infusing it into live performances, creating a whole new experience for the audience. Artists like Soul Supreme, Kiefer, Nikitch & Kuna Maze, and Tim Doyle, who is also recognized by his stage name Chiminyo, are leading this trend. In fact, Doyle is setting the stage with our fresh Late Late Show series, titled "Late Late Electronic", which promises to showcase this exciting evolution in jazz music.

Most tickets for the Late Late Show will be available at the door if advance tickets have sold out.

Priority tickets available, subject to availability. Please ask for prices on the night.

It’s an intriguing album, expertly performed and produced, and full of diversity and contrasts. By my reckoning, there must be another twelve hours and nineteen minutes of Qwalia music hanging over from that marathon session in the studio. Surely, there’s plenty to go at there to form the basis of a follow up to Sound And Reason. From my perspective, it cannot come quickly enough.

— Gordon Rutheford, Louder than War (album of the week)