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Late Late Show hosted by Patterns

21st December 2023 – 18th January 2024, 11.15pm

Patterns seek out and encourage the best performers and to proactively make it a space for creativity where communication and improvisation is free to happen.

We are changing the vibe with music that includes and is influenced by jazz-funk, soul, R&B and hip hop. Thursdays’ hosts will present their show with different guests each month.

November: Christos Stylianides - trumpet; Dani Diodato - guitar; Nicola Guida - piano;  Manny - bass and Jack Robson - drums

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NICOLA GUIDA – piano, keys
plus different guests each month

This could have only happened in London. Patterns reflects that melting pot and through the music creates a common, shared language.

On Thursdays a DJ will augment the evening starting the night until close. 

Most tickets for the Late Late Show will be available at the door if advance tickets have sold out. 

Priority tickets available, subject to availability. Please ask for prices on the night.