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Late Late Show hosted by Rachael Cohen

12th June – 10th July 2024, 11.15pm

Following the success of her debut release on Whirlwind, Rachael was the first female instrumentalist to be signed to the UK label, Rachael impressed with her ‘strikingly original compositions’. She is a player of the ‘cool school’ of players with her ‘lyrical and controlled phrasing while improvising’, the ability to shape her phrases expressively’.

December line-up: Joe Downard on double bass, Artie Zaitz on guitar and Kai Macrae on drums

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RACHAEL COHEN – alto saxophone
KAI MACRAE – drums
Line-up changes each month

Cohen dances over her own unpredictable chord structures with articulacy and wit, elegantly blending Desmond's cool, Konitz's quirk and Coleman's lyrical astringency.


Wednesdays will be led by a host of leading jazz players who will present their own bands followed by a jam for invited guests.

Most tickets for the Late Late Show will be available at the door if advance tickets have sold out. Priority tickets available, subject to availability. Please ask for prices on the night.

FREE for musicians with a valid MU Card
£6 (half price) for musicians without MU card
£6 (half price) for students with a valid ID