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Nigel Kennedy - Originals

25th – 28th September 2024

Renowned worldwide for his ground breaking classical performances and also established within the jazz scene, Nigel Kennedy has for years also maintained steady work as a composer weaving his own songs into both classical and jazz concerts as he travelled for his performances.

Ticket prices

£55 – £70


Nigel Kennedy – violin, piano

ROLF BUSSALB – guitars
SLAWOMIR BERNY – drums, perc

His composition style is unique ashe’s been able to draw from a vast range of musical experiences and backgrounds, seamlessly incorporating different styles into his works. Melodic, virtuosic yet always choosing the message and meaning of the piece over form, unlike any other, Nigel Kennedy’s works guarantee an unforgettable evening,
like the Artist himself, a musical adventure full of surprises yet grounded in deep understanding of music, modern yet reminiscent of the old world’s charm. 

The shows will be the only ones this year in the UK featuring this select repertoire.

Kennedy remains the bestselling violinist of all time. He singled handedly paved the way for a new generation of artists, who have enjoyed success both in the classical field and in the mainstream. His virtuoso technique, unique talent and mass appeal have brought fresh perspectives to both the classical and contemporary repertoire.

Pushing at the boundaries that might constrain others, he has continued to pioneer new sounds and new methods of performance. Single-minded, determined and utterly unique, Kennedy explores repertoire which spans classical, jazz, klezmer, rock and much, much more.

It is not just in the world of classical music that Kennedy has made his mark. Famously, he reimagined the work of Jimi Hendrix having been asked by the great rock guitarist’s estate to record a tribute to the iconic bluesman. The ground-breaking recording The Kennedy Experience followed and featured improvisational recordings based on Hendrix compositions.

Kennedy’s participation in the world of rock has encompassed collaborations with numerous others. Sir Paul McCartney, Kate Bush, The Who, Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant, Jeff Beck, Ian Dury (Kennedy is an honorary Blockhead] and others are among those who he has worked with. Kennedy is a man of the people who has popularised the sometimes stuffy world of classical music by exhibiting a human touch. His love of Aston Villa Football Club, for instance, has helped to break down some of the barriers.

A true original, Kennedy’s career remains in the ascent. And that will be music to his many fans’ ears.

Rip-roaring and exquisitely tender – the classical star is a mesmerisingly musical jazz lover” ★★★★★

— The Guardian