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Rachel Z - The Sensual Tour featuring Omar Hakim

This Project is born of two trios whose influences and experiences were gained from the members of the band having performed with these architects of world jazz (Weather Report and Wayne Shorter), rock (Sting, Peter Gabriel, Pino Daniele), and pop/electronic music.

"Sensual" is an album that pushes the boundaries of contemporary music, blending elements of jazz, rock, folk, and world music to create a truly unique and captivating sound. Rachel Z, a virtuoso pianist known for her expressive playing and innovative compositions, takes the lead in crafting the album's healing melodic mantras and harmonies.

Omar Hakim, a legendary drummer with a career spanning over four decades, brings his unparalleled rhythmic expertise to the project. His dynamic and versatile drumming style adds a layer of depth and intensity to each track, creating a captivating groove that will have you moving to the music.

Jonathan Toscano, a talented bassist known for his melodic and intricate bass lines, complements the ensemble with his impeccable sense of timing and musicality. His contributions add a rich and vibrant texture to the album, enhancing the overall sonic experience.

Together, Rachel Z, Omar Hakim, and Jonathan Toscano create a musical synergy that is reflective of their 10 year friendship. Their collaborative efforts on "Sensual" result in a collection of songs that are sensual, evocative, and deeply moving. From intimate ballads to infectious grooves, each track takes you on a sonic journey that will awaken your senses.