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In their ten years of activity, Shalosh have refused to define or restrict themselves to one genre or another, their music is raw, honest and progressive, crossing stylistic boundaries and ever changing. Despite its classic jazz trio format and the band members’ deep roots in jazz and improvised music, their music weaves its own path and creates a unique and fascinating synthesis out of such varied genres as rock, classical, electronic, African, and Middle Eastern music.

Shalosh has made a deep mark on the international scene.  Their debut album received great attention and praise from the press in Israel and abroad, and was acclaimed as one of the most promising debut albums of the year.

Shalosh has set itself the goal of creating contemporary music that is both accessible and sophisticated, performing with great alacrity the balancing act of challenging themselves as musicians and artists. Their music comes from an emotional and raw place, the band’s reaction to today’s cold urban jungle.

The music is so perfect that it’s almost enough to make you reflect on fate and destiny.