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Stefano Bollani

7th February 2024

Playing music from his latest album 'Blooming', Bollani takes his inspiration from flowering, the moment of transformation: “These songs flourished in the garden of my piano, I watered them, nourished them and if necessary pruned them and now they are gathered here in a bouquet that is this record. They are very different flowers from each other, but born from the same humus and in the same period.”

Ticket prices

£35 – £55



Italian pianist-composer Stefano Bollani considers music a fun game to be re-invented time after time. The most popular of his performances and the essence of Bollani’s comic wit, joyous spirit and versatile music making is best revealed when he performs solo, when his freedom is complete, when Bollani’s quality as merry entertainer has a central role and his audiences are involved the most.

In Italy pianist-composer Stefano Bollani is what you might consider a superstar. Besides his intense and versatile concert activity, he has co-created popular radio series, anchored TV shows with internationally acclaimed musicians, written various books and co-produced and taken part in theatre plays.

Bollani considers music a huge game to be re-invented and is constantly in search for stimulations, everywhere, in all the music of the past, and even more so by exploring the present, improvising in the moment, as he has done both on stage and in the studio: either solo (his legendary impromptu jukebox-like medley performances are second to none) or with great artists like Richard Galliano, Chick Corea, Caetano Veloso, Egberto Gismonti, Chucho Valdés, Hector Zazou, and his mentor Enrico Rava.