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Terence Blanchard 'Absence' feat. The E-Collective & Turtle Island Quartet

Terence Blanchard presents his latest project that incorporates a string section, a game changer since its founding in 1985 as a group playing hybrid music. "Turtle Island has reimagined the language for the string quartet. It’s extremely unique, and what they do is brilliant. Playing together, it’s like a chamber jazz ensemble.”

Terence Blanchard stands tall as one of jazz’s most-esteemed trumpeters and defies expectations by creating a spectrum of artistic pursuits.  A twice Oscar-nominated film score writer/arranger, he’s also championed as a two-time opera composer whose Fire Shut Up in My Bones opens New York’s Metropolitan Opera 2021-2022 season—the first African American to have an opera at the Met.  In addition, Blanchard teaches as the Kenny Burrell Chair in Jazz Studies at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.  Early in his career in 1994 when he told DownBeat: “Writing for film is fun, but nothing can beat being a jazz musician, playing a club, playing a concert.”

Blanchard’s capacity to give others the spotlight ultimately places him in the lineage of jazz greats like his old bandmate Blakey, constantly searching for the next moment of intuitive beauty, no matter where it comes from. - The Guardian

Blanchard makes music by now elemental to the contours of modern jazz. Blanchard’s arc of growth and change has, for decades, been consistent yet never predictable.

— Wall Street Journal