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Trio Grande - Gilad Hekselman/Will Vinson/Nate Wood

Trio Grande is bigger than the average trio. Nate Wood is perhaps the only person in the world able to play at a dazzling level on both drums and bass at the same time. Saxophonist Will Vinson doubles on keyboards and guitarist Gilad Hekselman is renowned for his ability to weave contrapuntal lines across the range of his instrument (and beyond).

Together, the three deliver a sound as big and broad as a group twice its size. Each player brings his singular vision to the plate, but the collective sum is something fresh and exhilarating (Downbeat).

The group first got together and started working on their unique brand of bass-less improvisation. The term "bass-less" however might be conceived as somewhat deceiving. After all, Gilad Hekselman pulls many strings to produce a dual effect from his instrument, simulating bass ranges via octave pedal and loops that subsequently, and sometimes concurrently, invite cranked up walls of fuzz and slippery guitar soloing to join the deep-frequency lines. Trio Grande sees the three reconvening for an even more confident demonstration of modern soundscapes blended with catchy hooks—all against the backdrop of the members' deep roots in jazz (All About Jazz).

It’s a project with a hard-hitting contemporary sonic all of its own.

— Jazzwise