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Madeleine & Salomon is the encounter of two artists with distinct musical backgrounds: the composer and pianist Alexandre Saada and the vocalist and flautist Clotilde Rullaud.

Long-time friends, it was in 2014, during a tour in Asia, that they discovered a common musical aesthetic and decided to develop the duo Madeleine & Salomon with a minimalist sound universe imbued with impressionist poetry.

Six years after their acclaimed first album, A Woman’s Journey, the duo releases its second album, Eastern Spring. Although this new album pays homage to the militant Middle Eastern pop music of the 1960s-1970s – all gems, though most are unknown in the West – one recognises certain intonations of the previous album, which was devoted to the leading politically-aware songstresses of the American canon.

The music augments a myriad of stories that songs convey from Morocco to Turkey. Singing in English and sometimes in French, they echo the existential interrogations, the hopes, and the contestations of a youth thirsting for change. Whether romantic, dreamy, or militant, all of these songs engage in the sort of social or spiritual interrogation that still matters today, wherever you are in the world.

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It’s a distinctive, creative and very original album, drawing all the songs together in the duo’s own style.

— Alison Bentley - London Jazz News (UK)