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Do you have a lonely recorder in the cupboard? A clarinet in the basement? Now is the time to set it free!

Hand in your preloved instrument as part of this year’s Musical Instrument Amnesty to secure it a new lease of life and a lot of love in the hands of an aspiring young musician who otherwise could not afford to buy one.

We at the foundation recognise how important it is for all children to have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, but also that some children are unable to access this. For this reason, we are re-launching our Musical Instrument Amnesty incentive for 2022, in which we ask to musicians, members of Ronnie Scott’s, and the public to donate their unwanted instruments so we can redistribute them to young people who need them.

The Musical Instrument Amnesty will benefit several charitable organisations including Sistema England. Nina Kaye, of Sistema, said: “Bravo Ronnie Scotts for organising another instrument amnesty. There are children all over the country wanting to learn to play an instrument without the means to buy one - and there are thousands of instruments gathering dust in cupboards and on shelves needing to be played. It is initiatives such as this that will bring music to so many more young people And put the instruments to their proper use.”

Since 2015, we’ve collected and redistributed over 700 instruments to children whose access to music education has been compromised due to their social situation and/or geographical location. Donors are given a unique tracking number so they can find out where their instrument ended up, and beneficiaries have included children from Uganda, Nepal, Zanzibar, Palestine and Colombia. Our amnesties have received support from a number of stars, including Rhythm and Blues legend Jools Holland, two-time Grammy award-nominated jazz trumpeter Christian Scott, award-winning musician K.T Tunstall, The Vamps’ lead guitarist James McVey, Nittin Sawhney and Sam Smith. 

Here are the important details! 

When? Saturday 22 January 2022 (10am-3pm)

Where? Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, 47 Frith Street, Soho, W1D 4HT

What can you hand in? KEYBOARDS/ELECTRIC PIANOS; BRASS AND WOODWIND INSTRUMENTS such as: Tubas, Saxes (baritone/alto/tenor), Trumpets, Trombones, Sousaphones, French Horns, Flutes, Clarinets, Bassoons, Oboes; as well as BASSES (upright/electric), GUITARS (acoustic/electric), STRING INSTRUMENTS such as Cello’s, Violins, Viola’s; DRUM KITS, PERCUSSIONS (hand held/Latin); Bell Trees, Gongs, Xylophones; as well as TRADITIONAL INSTRUMENTS such as Tabla, Oud and Djembe and ANY EQUIPMENT: mics stands & leads, amps, effects pedals, PA systems etc.

Instruments and equipment in good condition or needing only minor repairs are preferred, but we will work to restore broken and forgotten instruments, bringing them back to life and sharing them with the next generation of aspiring musicians. 

Ada Ologbosere – head of the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation – says of the 2022 Musical Instrument Amnesty: “What a wonderful opportunity for us to come together in the name of charity. This is such a great incentive - we have supported many young musicians over the years, and we are so excited to be in a position to bring the Musical Instrument Amnesty back for 2022. I look forward to meeting both members and other guests on 22 January” 

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact

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