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See the incredible lineup for "Everybody Digs Piano Trios" week Mon 7- Sat 12 Feb!

posted Wednesday 19th January


including ‘The Pianothon’


Cyrus Chestnut, Julian Joseph, Kenny Barron, Dave Newton and more

Monday 7th February  – Saturday 12th February 2011




Considered the new rock n roll of jazz, piano trios have over the past years seen somewhat of resurgence in popularity and ‘hipness’.    But it was in 1959 that perhaps one of the greatest piano trio albums ever, was released. 

That year was a legendary year for jazz.  Some of the genres most prolific recordings were released, and Ronnie Scotts opened its doors for the very first time.  So in a nod to that incredible recording, Everybody Digs Bill Evans, Ronnie Scotts presents a week long series of events celebrating the great jazz piano trio.  And it is this very album that the UK pianist Dorian Ford pays homage to as part of Tuesday’s ‘Pianothon’, undoubtedly one of the weeks most creative and intriguing highlights.

The Pianothon’, honours the art of the piano trio.  Here, four of the UK’s finest pianists join together for individual sets and collective mayhem in a bid to demonstrate the stylistic differences and development of the jazz piano trio.

Trialled last year to huge success, Ronnie Scotts will be reconfigured allowing each act to perform ‘in the round’.  Reflecting the clubs more adventurous and dynamic approach, the trios will perform in the central pit, allowing for an intimate gig, giving privilege to an audience to get up close and personal.

Cyrus Chestnut Trio

Monday 7th February

Line Up:  Cyrus Chestnut (piano) Geoff Gascoyne (bass) Doug Sides (drums)

With Support:  The Sam Crowe Trio

"What makes Chestnut the best jazz pianist of his generation” suggests Time Magazine, “is a willingness to abandon notes and play space." Resisting being typecast in any one niche, Chestnut has developed his own unique style.  Combining trad-style playing with a New Orleans rhythmic sensibility infused with soul and gospel, his bluesy “laidbackness” is at once accessible and challenging.

Ticket Prices:  £15 - £32.50

Set times:  7.15-8pm Support, 8.30-10.30pm main, with interval

‘The Pianothon’

Tuesday 8th February

Four of the UK’s leading piano trios gather together on one night for an exhilarating extravaganza of piano brilliance.  Led by one of the UK’s most accomplished pianists, Dave Newton, each trio performs their own shorter set, culminating in an amazing get-together-bluesathon!

Dorian Ford Trio               Playing  ‘Everybody Digs Bill Evans’

John Turville Trio             John Turville (Piano), Chris Hills (bass) Ben Reynolds (drums)

Janette Mason Trio         Janette Mason (piano) Dudley Phillips (bass) and Par Levett (drums)

David Newton Trio          David Newton (piano), Andy Cleyndhert (bass) tbc drums

Ticket Prices:  £15 - £32.50

Music from 7.30pm

Julian Joseph Trio

Wednesday 9th February

Line Up  Julian Joseph (piano), Jasper Hoiby (bass), Mark Mondesir (drums)

With Support:  The Nikki Iles Trio

Never failing to inspire with his mastery of the keyboard, the versatility of his musicianship and limitless creative imagination, internationally acclaimed pianist, composer and bandleader, presents an evening of unforgettable originals, and timeless classics delivered with breathtaking passion and hard-swinging drive.

Ticket Prices:  £15 - £32.50

Set times:  7.15-8pm Support, 8.30-10.30pm main, with interval

Kenny Barron

Thursday 10th, Friday 11th and Saturday 12th February

Line Up:  Kenny Barron ( piano) Kiyoshi Kitagawa (bass) Jonathan Blake (drums)

With support:  John Critchinson (Thurs), Gareth Williams (Fri) and Jessica Lauren (Sat).

Kenny Barron ranks among jazz’s piano aristocracy as a bandleader, composer, arranger and mentor to young musicians. Deemed by critics as “the most lyrical piano player of our time,” his storied career is marked by an insatiable musical curiosity and a commitment to artistic honesty.  Tonight, Barron presents material from his current recording ‘The Traveller’ (Universal France), an elegant album of ballads - almost all originals - that is his most personal and accomplished record to date.

Ticket Prices:  £20 - £42.50

Set Times:  Weds – Thurs:  8.30-10.30: 7.15-8pm (Support) Main Act (with an interval)

Set Times:  Friday:  1st house 7.15-8pm (Support), Main (8.30-9.45pm)

                     2nd house:  doors 10.30pm, 11.00pm – 11.45pm (support), 12mindight – 1.15am (main)

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